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"Want To Feel Like Yourself Again..?

“How Would Your Life Change If You Lost Weight, Regained Energy, Balanced Your Hormones & Your Moods, Felt Sexy & Confident, Looked Great And Mastered Midlife…

Learn For FREE From The Top 75 Menopause Experts In The World + 20 Bonus Interviews During Our LIVE 
“Stop The Menopause Madness” Summit 2.0 November 1st – 5th
The Stop The Menopause Madness Summit 2.0

November 1st – 5th 2021

Hello Beautiful,

Have you ever thought…

“What happened to my health? I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin anymore…? 
What happened to me..?
I see women at midlife looking so “comfortable in their own skin”, having abundant energy and living their lives with joy and passion, glowing with radiance and beauty…

And it seems like a dream… but…
“How do I, with my overweight, no energy, lack of sex drive, who’s been told it’s 'normal for my age' to feel this way, heal myself and find true vitality?….

How will I ever figure out why my health is failing and fix it?”

You are not alone… I asked myself these same questions…

My name is Dr. Kyrin Dunston. I’m an OBGYN & Functional Medicine Expert and the founder of Her Brilliant Health… 

I help women in menopause & at midlife, women who are hungry for healing discover their path to vitality and finally understand how to lose weight, feel energized, balance their hormones and their moods, feel sexy and confident, 
look great and master midlife.

But what a lot of women don’t know is that I have coached people 
from all walks of life across the USA, helping them save themselves 
from the mediocre ‘status quo’ of failing health with age, by knowing why they 
are where they are with their health and how to go about fixing it. 

“How do I, with my overweight, no energy, lack of sex drive, who’s been told it’s 'normal for my age' to feel this way, heal myself and find true vitality?….

How will I ever figure out why my health is failing and fix it?”
Many have been able to master their midlife menopausal health on a deeper level… But many don’t…
And that face drove me crazy…

So I asked 75 of the world’s top experts in women’s Menopausal Health. Guru’s who specialize in all aspects of midlife health like:

 Hormone Balance






 Breast Health




 Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Healing


Many have been able to master their midlife menopausal health on a deeper level… But many don’t…
And that face drove me crazy…

So I asked 75 of the world’s top experts in women’s Menopausal Health. Guru’s who specialize in all aspects of midlife health like:

Here is the message that I sent to my experts, to see if they could help me to pinpoint the secrets I needed to understand to help get women unstuck at midlife:
Hey (Insert Menopause Health Expert Name),
I have a question for you and I’d love to know your answer.

What new strategies have you learned to help women suffering at midlife with poor health and feeling like a stranger in their own body....who feel "Broken" and like there's something wrong with they can begin to heal and experience vitality again?

What steps would you recommend a woman take to begin to heal and master midlife?

- Dr. Kyrin
I wanted to know EXACTLY how women can experience vitality at midlife, especially at this uniquely stressful time in history. How can understanding menopause better help us navigate these new times?

I decided to reach out to the top menopause experts and asked them if they would be willing to share how understanding menopause and midlife health can help if you are struggling.

I was touched by the response I got, most were excited to make the time to share their insight and wisdom with me.
Their advice for strategies to help navigate menopause & midlife SHOCKED me. I was humbled by realizing there was so much I didn’t know when it came to the VALUE of applying the POWER of simple tools to increase health and promote healing.

Their advice was real, honest, and backed with experience. This wisdom changed my life, and I am so excited to pass it on to you.

The Truth Will Set You Free…

…I discovered that poor aging comes from not understanding what causes aging and the symptoms of menopause and how to stop them .  

Once we understand we can resolve the root causes of the problems, and experience that delicious vitality we all crave… 

Weight Gain, Fatigue, Hot Flashes, Low Sex Drive…

so much of the pain we suffer is because we don’t understand our bodies. 

Empowering ourselves with understanding and effective tools always leads to FREEDOM!!!

I suffered from obesity, fatigue, no libido, hair loss, depression and anxiety, irritable bowel and hot flashes as menopause approached. It was a long 
journey of healing for me, and that’s why I only want to share what works.

I know the pain of fear, anger, frustration, and sadness for trying so many things that don’t work. I am grateful to report that the insights I received from these experts are truly helpful, especially for those of us who are hurting right now.

I will never look at practicing medicine 
the same again!!!

I’ve been practicing medicine for almost 30 years, and I thought I knew everything about women’s health. I had no idea how much I didn’t know…
After interviewing over a dozen of them, they left me TOTALLY CONVINCED that ANYONE, as long as they faithfully applied the tested and proven secrets found in these interviews, could understand their health on a completely different level.
And that’s when it hit me…

I needed to share this with everyone.

Any Woman Who Has Ever Felt Like There’s Something “Broken” Or “Wrong” 
Or “Unfixable” With Them 

Needs These Interviews!!! 

At first I planned on selling them…

But because of what I know they are worth, and how much we would have to charge if I was to sell them…
I knew that if I did, the people who needed them the MOST, wouldn’t be able to afford them.

This it hit me…

“What If I Joined Forces With These Giants, Got Them To Do A Live Interview Detailing Their Insights And Plans, Worked With Them To Make As Much Noise As Possible And Put These Lessons In The Hands Of Any Women Who Wanted To Understand How To Master Their Health At Midlife?”

So, I emailed back each and every one of the over 75 experts who responded….

And I asked them the unthinkable….

Would You Be Willing To Share 
This With Everyone…


At first, a few of them thought I was a little crazy…
But then one said Yes…

And then another!

And soon EVERYONE OF THEM agreed to come 
on a video interview and walk you through 
each of their plans!!!

So, WHO were the ones who were crazy enough to agree to help serve you at their HIGHEST level…so you can get unlimited-time access to these interviews!?!

Let Me Introduce You To Your Dream Team:

Stacy London
What Not to Wear and State of Menopause
y(our) Story Matters
Nina Lorez Collins
Woolfer and Hello Revel
The Importance of Community and Connection to a Successful Menopause
Dr. Robyn Benson
Amplified Regenerative Therapies
Forever Young: Youthful Aging with a Regenerative Lifestyle
Dr. Michelle Sands
Glow Natural Medicine
Will Hormone Replacement Help me or Hurt Me
Lisa Olszewski
American Institute of Healthy Living
Cracking the Keto Code for Women
Dr. Vincent Pedre
Pedre Integrative Health
Why a Happy Gut Makes a Great Menopause
Dr. Amie Hornaman
The Thyroid-Fixer
Why Your Thyroid is Making Your Menopause Miserable
Dr. Stephanie Gray
Your Longevity Blueprint
How Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Be Made Safe and Effective
Dr. Venus Ramos
The Biohacking M.D.
Cortisol in Menopause: The Good, The Bad, and The Easy
JJ Virgin, CNS, BCHN, EP-C 
Celebrity Nutritionist
Why Food Intolerance is the real cause of weight gain at menopause
Susan Bratton
Intimacy Wellness Expert
How To Have Menopleasure At Menopause
Sheree Clark
Midlife Courage Coach
Your Time for Independence
Dr. Anna Cabeca
The Girlfriend Doctor
Why There's No Magic In Your Menopause & How To Fix It
Dr. Carol Penn
Mind Body Spirit Medicine
Using Faith & Focus To Make 
50 Fabulous & 60 Sexy
Dr. Lindsey Elmore
Holistic Pharmacist
Addressing Your Unique Nutritional Needs At Midlife With Fabulous Food And & Essential Oils
Dr. Ti Caudron
VitaliTi Wellness
The Secret to Sustainable Weight Loss After 40
Jackie Bowker
Global Feel Better Institute
The Menopause-Spirituality Connection:
If you’re miserable you’re doing it wrong
Margaret Floyd Barry
Eat Naked
Balance your gut, optimize your health
Dr. Kirstie Cunningham
The Menopause Rescue
Lies You Believe About Hormone Therapy That Are Keeping You Stuck
Betty Murray
The Hormone Reset Program
What You Don't About Your Hormones & Cellular Metabolism that May Be Ruining Your Weight Loss Efforts
Dr. Louise Swartswalter
the BRAIN system
Five Steps to Emotional Freedom during Menopause
Dr. Tabatha Barber
The Functional Gynecologist
Is More Estrogen the Answer?
Why Estrogen Dominance Might Be Your Problem
Dr. Sharon Stills
Red Hot Sexy Menopause
Untangling The Truth About Hormones & Breasts & Fear!
Dr. Mariza Snyder
Holistically You
Debunking Menopause Myths Once and for All
Dr. Beverly Yates
Heart Health for Black Women
How to not Get diabetes because of menopause
Dr. Andres Zuleta
Thrive City Health
How to win the twin challenge of menopause on top of Diabetes
Dr. Aimie Apigian
Trauma Healing Accelerated
Stored Trauma Hormone Disruption: 

How life events wreck your hormones at midlife

Dr. Tara Scott
Revitalize Medical Group
How To Use Bioidentical Hormones For Health & Not Harm
Dr. Keesha Ewers 
Healing From The Inside Out
Your Hormones Won't Regulate Without Healing Your Trauma First
Dr. Jessica Drummond
The Integrative Womens Health Institute
Is A Hysterectomy The Best Option To Your Pelvic Problems?
Dr. Evan Hirch
International Center for Fatigue
The 4 Step Process to Resolving Fatigue Naturally at Midlife
Dr. Amy Day
The Women’s Vitality Center
Smoothing the ride through perimenopause: begin hormone balance early
Dr. Nashat Latib
Detox at menopause to balance your hormones
Dr. Shiroko Sokitch
How To Heal When It Seems Impossible
Dr. Mindy Pelz
The Reset Academy
The Best Diet Options To Supercharge Your Menopause & Your Life
Robin Nielsen NC BCHN
Growing Younger Expert
Eat More, Exercise Less to Feel Fabulous at Midlife
Dr. Shawn Tassone
Tassone Advanced Gynecology
The Real Truth About Hormones and Menopause
Dr. Marisol Teijeiro
Queen of the Thrones
Castor Oil Packs To Manage Menopausal Moments
Dr. Doni Wilson
Nature Empowered
Why Stress & Cortisol Are Wrecking Your Health At Midlife:
 Getting Out of Stress Mode
Dr. Jayne Dabu, DAOM, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac
Lotus Acupuncture and Holistic Health Clinic
Ancient Chinese Medicine Approach to Hormonal Balance
Laurie Villarreal
Certified Health Coach
The Menopause Blood Sugar Connection: 

Optimize insulin for a better transition

Stu Schaefer
Stu Schaefer Fitness
How to lose weight and keep it off without wrecking your body or starving yourself
Dr. Steven Masley
Masley Optimal Health Center
How To Prevent The #1 Killer At Menopause: Heart Disease
Debra Atkinson MS, CSCS
Hormone Balancing Fitness Expert
Solving Menopause Symptoms (& not making them worse) with Exercise
Dr. Romie Mushtaq
Integrative Neurologist
Protecting Your Precious Memory For The Future
Natalie Matushenko PCC CPCC 
An Extraordinary Life After 40
Live Your Power Passion & Purpose At Midlife
Dr. Sonza Curtis
Functional Medicine Consultant
Healing You Gut Is The Key To Mastering Inflammation & Illness
Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy
The Cancer Revolution Integrative Cancer Specialist
Prevention & Early Detection Of Cancer At Midlife -
There's More Than You Know
Dr. Lindsey Berkson
Estrogen Is Not Your Enemy: 
 Why You Need this Friend On Your Team
Dr. Tracy Thomas
Emotional Strength Training
Building emotional strength to create physical well being
Integrative Healing Arts
Integrating Eastern Medicine In A Western Model To Treat Menopause
Dr. Carol Lourie
Using Homeopathy & Energy Tools To Accellerate Health & Healing At Menopause
Cynthia Thurlow NP
Everyday Wellness Project
It's Not What You're Eating But When That's Sabotaging Your Weight:
Intermittent fasting for women and menopause
Palmer Kippola FMCHC
Beat Autoimmune
You Can Beat Autoimmune Disease At Midlife!
Leah Lund
One Whole Health
Balancing Your Brain to Balance Your Hormones
Dr. Erika Gray
My Toolbox Genomics
Using Your Genetic Code To Understand & Manage Your Menopause Journey
Dr. Kyrin Dunston
Her Brilliant Health
6 Secrets To Weight Loss Success At Midlife
Tricia Nelson
Heal Your Hunger
Is Emotional Eating Sabotaging Your Health At Midlife?
Elle Russ
The Paleo Thyroid Solution
Yup, It's Your Thyroid. Here's How To Heal It At Midlife. 
Dr. Felice Gersh
Integrative Gynecologist
Why Testosterone Is The Missing Spring In Your Step At Menopause
Rachael Pontillo, MMsc CIHC CNAP, LE 
Holistically Haute Skincare
Keeping Your Skin Vibrant at Every Age, Naturally
Holly Bertone PMP CNHP 
Pink Fortitude
Leveraging The Science Of Gratitude To Transform Midlife
Kasia Kines DCN, MS, MA, CN, CSN 
Global Epstein Barr Virus Institute
How to go from Fatigue to Fabulous in Menopause
Dr. Deborah Matthew
The Happy Hormones Doctor
Get back to YOU again with Bio-identical hormones
Dr. Betsy Greenleaf
Holistic Pelvic Gyne
A Youthful & Happy Vagina At Menopause
Maria Claps FDN & Kristin Johnson RD 
Wise & Well
Why Nutrition Advice on IG is All Wrong for Midlife Women
Dr. Trevor Cates
The Spa Doctor
What Skin Problems At Midlife Mirror About Your Inner Health: 
 And what to do about it
Dr. Ellie Campbell
Integrative Family Medicine
What's Your Dentist Missing In Your Mouth That Could Save Your Life?
Dr. Keira Barr
Dermatologist & Menopause Expert
Balance Systems Within At Midlife To Shine Without
Rachel Varga BScN RN CANS 
Advanced Aesthetic Nurse Specialist
Optimizing your skin at menopause for beauty!
Aimee Carlson
The Toxin Terminator
Is toxicity Making Your Menopause Worse?
Dr. Kim Millman
Your Holistic Osteoporosis Doctor
Building Strong Bones For A Lifetime With A Personalized Whole Body Approach
Marcelle Pick NP
Your Best Health Solutions
Is It Menopause Or My Adrenals?
Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo
Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology
The Blood Sugar Menopause Connection:

Why food is your hormone's magic wand

Dr. Brooke Kalanick
The Sarah & Dr. Brooke Show
Uncovering Your Body's Hangry Messages For Hormone Balance
Dr. Rudrani Banik
Integrative Opthalmologist
Preserving Your Vision 
at Menopause & Beyond
Dr. Debi Silber
Post Betrayal Institute
How To Be Unshakable 
At Midlife: 
Trust Again After Betrayal

I Want To GIVE You Access To 
All 75 Of These Interviews…

So You Can Learn The SAME Secrets That 
Propel Their Patients' Success!

But don’t take my word for it… 

I'm not trying to sell you anything.

So… What’s The Catch!?!

I Want To MAKE SURE You Watch AND Implement Everything You Learn...

So, I'm Going To Give You A Short, 5-Day Period
Where You Can Watch Them... 

(All You Need To Do Is Register To Get Limited-Time Access)

Then They Are Gone.

Yes, that means you have to BLOCK OUT that time… 

Immerse yourself in the interviews…

Take notes…

And then we want you to finally understand your health and get unstuck... just like you learned how to do by watching these interviews. 

Yes, that is my “evil” motivation… to make sure you actually watch, learn and implement from the gift that these 75 experts  are giving you.
So that’s it!  

Just a commitment that YOU need to make. 

• A commitment to register…
• A commitment to show up…
• And a commitment to implement...

I can’t wait to see how far you go with this. 

Thanks again, and I’ll see you on the inside of the members area!
P.S. - If you’re here looking for a quick recap… here it is. 

When you register for the Stop The Menopause Madness Summit , you’ll get access (for free!) to all the interviews with 75 of the world's top menopause & midlife health experts showing you what they do with their patients to help them lose weight, regain energy, balance hormones & moods, feel sexy & confident, look great and master midlife...

...and begin to feel like yourself again, comfortable in your own skin...

All you’ve got to do is register now:
as featured in:

Stop The Menopause Madness Summit 2.0 Agenda

Monday, November 1

  • Dr. Anna Cabeca
  • Dr. Mariza Snyder
  • ​Dr. Lindsey Berkson
  • ​Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo
  • ​Dr. Felice Gersch
  • ​Dr. Carol Lourie
  • ​Dr. Deb Matthew
  • ​Elle Russ
  • ​Dr. Tara Scott
  • ​Dr. Sharon Stills
  • ​Dr. Tabatha Barber
  • ​Dr. Stephanie Gray
  • ​Betty Murray
  • ​Jayne Dabu
  • ​Dr. Kirstie Cunningham
  • ​Dr. Amy Day
  • ​Dr. Michelle Sands
  • ​Lisa Olszewski

Tuesday, November 2
Exercise, Intimacy, Diet & Nutrition

  • Susan Bratton
  • ​Dr. Jessica Drummond
  • ​Dr. Betsy Greenleaf
  • ​Debra Atkinson
  • ​Jj Virgin
  • ​Robin Nielson
  • ​Cynthia Thurlow
  • ​Dr. Mindy Pelz
  • ​Dr. Kyrin Dunston
  • Maria Claps & Kristin Johnson
  • ​Tricia Nelson
  • ​Dr. Lindsey Elmore
  • ​Dr. Evan Hirch
  • ​Stu Schaefer
  • ​Laurie Villarreal
  • ​Dr. Ti Caudron

Wednesday, November 3
Heart, Bones, Genetics & More

  • Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy
  • ​Dr. Steven Masley
  • ​Dr. Shiroko Sokitch
  • ​Dr. Ellie Campbell
  • ​Dr. Kim Millman
  • ​Palmer Kippola
  • ​Leah Lund
  • ​Dr.Romie Mushtaq
  • ​Dr. Ericka Gray
  • ​Kasia Kines
  • ​Dr. Rani Banik
  • ​Dr. Beverly Yates
  • ​Dr. Andres Zuleta
  • ​Dr. Robyn Benson

Thursday, November 4
Stress & Cortisol, Gut Health 
& Toxicity

  • Marcelle Pick
  • ​Dr. Shawn Tassone
  • ​Dr. Doni
  • ​Dr. Brooke Kalanick
  • ​Holly Bertone
  • ​Dr. Marisol Tijeiro
  • ​Dr. Sonza Curtis
  • ​Aimee Carlson
  • ​Tsao-Lin Moy
  • ​​Dr. Amie Hornaman
  • ​Margaret Floyd Barry
  • ​Dr. Nashit Latib
  • ​Dr. Venus Ramos
  • ​Dr. Vincent Pedre

Friday, November 5
Mind, Emotions, Spirit 
& Beauty

  • Stacy London
  • ​Nina Lorez Collins
  • ​Dr. Keesha
  • ​Dr. Tracy Thomas
  • ​Sheree Clark
  • ​Dr. Debi Silber
  • ​Dr. Carol Penn
  • ​Natalie Matushenko
  • ​Dr. Trevor Cates
  • ​Rachael Pontillo
  • ​Rachel Varga
  • ​Dr. Keira Barr
  • ​Dr. Louise Swartswalter
  • ​Dr. Aimie Apigian
  • ​Jackie Bowker
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Leading by example OBGYN & Functional Medicine Expert Dr. Kyrin Dunston lost a life-changing 100 lbs. and healed herself from chronic disease while beginning menopause by addressing the root causes of her health issues naturally. Dr. Kyrin has been featured on numerous podcasts and summits and on NBC, Fox, Reader’s Digest, The Huffington Post, First for Woman, Best Self and more.

She is the author of Cracking the Bikini Code: 6 Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss Success and hosts Her Brilliant Health Revolution Podcast and Her Brilliant Health Secrets Youtube Channel, which offer women the knowledge, tools and support they need to take control of their health, heal and thrive at midlife.

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